“Greek Immigrants Playing Ancient Greeks at Chicago’s Hull-House: Whose Antiquity?” With Amanda Wrigley.

Journal of American Drama and Theatre (Spring 2011): 7-29.


“Is Mr. Euripides a Communist?: The Federal Theatre Project’s Trojan Incident” 

Comparative Drama  (Winter 1010 and Spring 2011): 457-76.

(Winner Philadelphia Constantinidis Essay in Critical Theory Award).


“The Riddle of Oedipus: Practising Reception in Antebellum American Theatre”

New Voices in Classical Reception Studies 3 (Spring 2008).


Book Chapters

“Barbarian Queens: Race, Violence, and Antiquity on the Nineteenth-Century United States Stage.”

  • In The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas.
  • Edited by Kathryn Bosher, Fiona Macintosh, Justine McConnell, and Patrice Rankine.
  • Oxford University Press (April 2015).

The Theatre Culture of United States International Expositions, 1876-1893.”

  • In Meet Me at the Fair: A World’s Fair Reader.
  • Edited by Celia Pearce, Laura Hollengreen, Rebecca Rouse, and Bobby Schweizer.
  • ETC/Carnegie Mellon University Press (2014).

Civilization and Savagery at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.”

  • In Classics in the Modern World: A “Democratic Turn”?
  • Edited by Lorna Hardwick and Stephen Harrison.
  • Oxford University Press, 2013.

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